420-C95-GA – Design of Android Application – Summer 2018 – CST406

The student discovers the basics of mobile programming for Android programming platform. He or she learns about the mobile application installation, including the production of an operations guide for the installation. The student examines functional improvements to an application, as well as the technology needed to verify the performance of an application.

Course Plan

Important dates

Project Part 1 – 

Project Part 2 –

Project Part 3 –

Project Part 4 – 


Course 1

Area of Plane Shapes

Screen Examples – Shape Mobile App

Course 2

Area of Plane Shapes

Screen Examples – Shape Mobile App

Main2Activity Shapes

MainActivity Shapes


Mobile Call

Mobile Call Doc




In Class Activity

Api Call

Api Call Documentation

ICA – Work Description

Course 4

Java Printing – Call Web Service

Course 5

JAVA – SQL libraries

Java – SQL – Example 1

Course 6

JSON Libraries

Java – JSON VS SQL – Example 2


Course 7

Database Connection:

Host :

User Name : cstteam

Password : anypw

Course 8

DB – Tables Creation